Model & Staff Details

Bronner Brothers Show 2020

February 8 | 9 | 10
Call Time: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Pre Show Mandatory Meeting
Friday, February 7 | 7PM - 9PM
Hyatt Hotel | 
265 Peachtree St NE | Atlanta

Congratulations! If you are on this page you have either been chosen to be a part of the Runway Curls Team for the above event or you're in the final stages of being chosen.

We have secured a 20 by 20 booth for the event and will be activating all of the above dates. To be a part of the show, you must be available all 3 days.  

Event Goals

The Main Goals of our activation for Runway Curls Salon Suites, Runway Curls & The Damn Salon are:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Acquire Email Address
  3. Sales 

Models, Volunteers, Internal Staff, Social Media Staff, Make up Artist and beyond will work together to achieve the above Goals.

Model Role

Your first role is to be the best Eye Candy, Eye Candy and More Eye Candy you can be!

  1. Showcase Runway Curls Hair Style on their head, whether in the form of Install before show, Wig, Install at the show, etc.. Showcase on our mini booth stage and runway. Take Pictures & Videos with our photographers
  2. Help to pull in the crowd and Engage with the audience.
  3. Learn or have a little knowledge of the brand and our hair to intelligently answer questions. 
  4. Collect Emails of Attendees (Number of Emails depends on Event)
  5. Media - mushiya often has 

Dress Attire  

Our Brand Dress Code is high fashion sexy glam at all times. Our Dress code varies from all black including leather, lace, fishnet, to gold, sequence, shiny, studded, white and beyond! Dress Entire team is in dress coded attire through all three days with a theme for each day. 


If you are scheduled for an install prior to the show make sure to come with your hair fully natural, with no extensions , washed and ready for Runway Curls Install.

If you are instructed to appear to show but have not been services with an install, make sure to remove all extensions from your hair and come to call time with your natural hair washed and clean and a full face on.


Sometime we have a makeup artist on set but unless otherwise instructed come to call time with a full face already on, including foundation, powder, blush eyes and glam lashes on. 


Come with an amazing energy and be ready to walk the runway and possibly turn up because when we out on a show.... we are the ones EVERYONE remembers. So come ready to learn, engage, network show out and be a part of an amazing epic experience. 


Each Model who works a total of 3 full days will receive a total of $225 Runway Curls Dollars which can e used towards bundles and or hair services.

(If hair was already installed for the actual or during the show, then because most of our styles average $300 - $700, the compensation is the hair installation. Wig installs are not part of the compensation and MUST all be returned.)