Master The Curly Ryder, Virtual Class

Master the top-selling braided and twisted Curly Ryder styles for all lengths and clients through Runway Curs’ Master Curly Ryder Look & Learn Class presented by Mushiya.

Runway Curls’ Master Curly Ryder Look & Learn Class offers students an up close and personal demonstration on Curly Ryder installation via individual twists, crochet twists, sew-in twists, and custom wigs made from the Curly Ryder bulk hair. Led by celebrity natural hairstylist, educator and TV personality Mushiya Tshikyka, students will learn the theory and techniques that has made Curly Ryder a smash hit throughout the natural hair community, making it Runway Curls’ top-selling hair product.


Because your clients LOVE this hair for being lightweight, washable, and soft while easily blending with their natural curls and kinks. You can create a variety of styles with this hair, including crochets, twists, braids, and even custom wigs. With over 13 colors to choose from there is no end to the level of customization that Curly Ryder can offer your clients. For all these reasons, Curly Ryder is a cash machine that sells! By taking this look and learn class, you will learn everything you need to know-- from consultation and installation to marketing and sales-- to become a master of the Curly Ryder.

Breakdown of Key Class Lessons:

  • Introduction to Curly Ryder Bulk Hair
  • Curly Ryder Client Consultation
  • Prep for Curly Ryder Installation
  • Curly Ryder Lengthening Methods
  • Layering and Stretching Techniques
  • Curly Ryder Custom Color Blending
  • Styling Curly Ryder
  • Maintenance
  • Pricing and Wholesale Marketing Training

Who is this class for?

  • Licensed & unlicensed hairstylist
  • Braiders
  • Salon Owners
  • Licensed Booth Renters
  • Licensed Freelance Natural Hairstylists
  • Cosmetology Educators
  • Natural Hair Educators

Register NOW for this look and learn class, lead by Mushiya herself, and she’ll not only show you the various techniques for styling and creating your very own custom Curly Ryder styles, but she will also give you proven marketing and sales tactics that made Curly Ryder Runway Curl’s top selling hair product for almost a full year and running!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Register today to discover why everyone loves Curly Ryder and how you turn it into your cash cow!

Course Pricing


Includes 3 Bundles of Curly Ryder Hair


April 15th

10am - 2pm EST

Bronner Bros, New Orleans