Virgin Collection Hair Care 

To properly care for your Runway Curls extensions, treat it like your own! With proper care, the Runway Curls Classic Collection can be reused over multiple installs. 

Washing Runway Curls Virgin Hair

It is recommended to wash and condition Runway Curls Virgin Hair with a mild sulfate free shampoo and conditioner in cool water weekly. Make sure to detangle the hair with a leave-in conditioner and wide tooth comb prior to shampooing hair. Avoid rubbing the hair.

Drying Runway Curls Virgin Hair

Unless you are attempting to straighten the hair, do not blow dry the curls after washing. Allow the hair to air dry naturally as you would your own hair. City Afro - Let it air dry.

How do I comb the Runway Curls Virgin Hair

We recommend you comb the hair gently with a wide tooth comb or with a natural hair detangling brush. To achieve bigger puffier hair, use your fingers to pull the curls apart or  for even bigger hair gently brush hair with the detangling brush starting from the tip to the root. City Afro - No need to comb or detangle it when in twists, twist out styles or left as an afro.

Detangling Runway Curls Virgin Hair

Like your own natural hair and any curly hair, hair may tangle with improper care or just because it is curly. Since this hair is 100% human curly hair and completely mimics our own hair, it is important that you care for it  as though it grew from your own head. To detangle, put a mild wash out or leave in conditioner spray on hair section by section. Either finger comb with your fingers or use  a detangling brush and brush from the tip to the root. City Afro - No need to comb or detangle it when in twists, twist out styles or left as an afro.

Installing Runway Curls Virgin Hair

Runway Curls come on a weft. We recommend doing a sew in with the hair. The hair can also be cut off the weft and installed via fusion or crochet or single braiding. Note that you must get much longer lengths for single braiding methods as hair will lose some length from being cut off the weft. City Afro - This hair is great for installations by braiding, crochets, twists and twist outs.



Bleaching and coloring Runway Curls Virgin Hair

Yes! It can absolutely be colored and bleached. We recommend you getting your Runway Curls Classic Hair colored by a professional hairstylist to ensure desired coloring results. PLEASE DO NOT USE BOX COLORING from your local pharmacy or beauty supply store...

Straightening the Runway Curls Virgin Hair

Runway curls can be straightened and then washed again to bring back to their original curl pattern.  To straighten, condition and detangle the hair first as described above. Then, blow dry the hair on medium cool. Make sure to hold the dryer at least 10 inches away from the hair. Once the hair is dry, flat iron the hair with a good reputable flat iron piece by piece, until you reach your desired straightness. City Afro - We recommend no heat or straightening of the City Afro collection. 

What Products can I use on this hair? 

As you would do to your own naturally textured hair, use a sulfate free good quality line of shampoo an conditioner to wash your runway curls.  Keep the hair well hydrated and moisturized with weekly washes and hydrating butters. You may use a leave-in conditioner or curl defining butter for more curl definition.