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Okay, so you all made your 2017 Goals and began real strong January 1st. Even through the second week, you were consistent. You started eating right. You started going to the gym, which was completely packed because your girlfriends, your auntie and fat girl Jane also started going.  You, along with everyone else decided you were going to work harder. You even decided to start that business venture that you keep talking about but not doing shit about. You cut down on your bad habits. You drink less and maybe even have 2 less cigarettes. You buy yourself some Runway Curls Hair Extension Clip Ins and no one can tell you a damn thing. You even finally stopped talking to that no good MF that you know damn well you should have cut off a long time ago. But guess what? It was hard and what greater motivation than 10....9....8....7...6...5.....4...3..2...1. Happy New Year!!! CUT. And you erase his number. Just like that… because it's a new year. And New Year! New Me!.... My Ass.

That’s that first hit of motivation, drive and ambitiousness that comes with the fireworks of the new year. You are pumped. Just straight up pumped. You are invincible and excited that this year will be YOUR YEAR. You have a few setbacks, but you get the hell up, brush your shoulders off and you keep moving. You have another setback, but you are okay because you tell yourself... this is my year... and before any great things, there shall be a little pain. But then you have another setback, and then another..... and yet another.  You know… LIFE. Its full of them.

And then all of a sudden that little bitch February hits you like "New Year, New Me…. My Ass".  You look in the mirror and after a whole month of religious work out in the gym, you still have that same fat ass role on the side of your left stomach. Your arms don't look any skinnier. In fact you swear they look fatter. That glass of red wine sounds really good and damn it... lets just go ahead and smoke this pack.  You realize despite the late nights you have spent working on your business, you don't see not a shit of progress. Valentine's day is approaching and you realize you are lonely as hell. And though you erased his number, you look at your phone knowing damn well that you secretly memorized the number before you erased it, in case of this exact moment. Besides, you figure, one more f%*k will not kill you. You start working less on your business and miserably clocking into the job that you’ve been saying every year that this would be your last year. “Next Year I’m out”, “Oh I can't do this anymore”, “I'm sick of this job”, “I swear this is my last year.”

It’s been 14 years. 

And before you know it, its March. The gym has become a little quieter. The New Year gym rats are slowly falling  off as the excitement of "New Year, New Me" wears off.  You stop going. April comes along and you are completely over your new years resolution. By May, you don't even remember them. You are back to the comfort zone of the complacent YOU, that you were last year and the year before. ...Simply existing. You exist through June. And then July, And then August. Every so often you stop and tell yourself that next year “I am going to change my life” New Year, New Me… My Ass. You exist through September. You only exist. By October, those holiday lights start coming on. And by November, the New Year couldn't come any faster because “Next year is going to my year!”. This is what you tell yourself. I’m going to make changes in my life. New Year, New Me… My Ass.

STOP THAT SHIT. Stop waiting for January 1st to live your life and become the greatest YOU that you really want to be. Every single day you wake up IS a new year. Millions of people went to sleep yesterday and hundreds of thousands of them did not wake up today. Thus, every day that you are blessed to rise with the sun is a new beginning and a new chance to implement change and action in your life. The only motivation you need to be your greatest… is that kiss of the morning sun.

So many of you right now hate many parts of your life on a daily basis and wish change upon it. But, you are just waiting for the right time. Well, I’m here to tell you to Stop waiting for the Right time because TIME doesn’t wait for the right you. It just keeps ticking and ticking and ticking. So F*&K New Years 2017 and F*&k 2018….RIGHT now...... IS the right time. 


With Love,


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  • Tammala

    You are so on point. So much truth here. The time is NOW!

  • Mariette

    Thank you for this, my foolishness needs to end. Motivated and inspired.

  • Peni

    Mushiya you are not only awesome, you’re funny azzhell. Peace and blessings

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