Mushiya wearing 5 bundles of Skarlette Rouge on a weft from Runway Curls Natural Hair Extensions Line, Classic Collection

1: Identify Your Passion

To BE happy in life, you must actually DO what makes you happy. And while that sounds so easy, the fact is, not many people DO what makes them happy. Most people spend most of their lives at work doing something they cannot stand just because it pays their bills. And yes, I know you probably need to pay your bills so that you are not homeless in the streets, but why not make money doing what you actually LOVE to do. And in this day and age, with the rise in social media and internet access, the whole world is literally at the tip of your fingers, or the tips of your computer keys to be exact, just waiting for what you have to offer. So if you don’t already know it, identify your passion. If money was not a necessity, ask yourself, what you would enjoy doing all day, everyday, 5 times a week, 12 months a year, for years and years to come. Because essentially, if all of your life’s time is spent on something, or somewhere or on someone you actually don’t like, what really, is the purpose of your life? We all have a purpose in life. And identifying our passion will lead us to our purpose. Purpose is defined as the reason for which one is created. Ask yourself, Is what you are doing RIGHT NOW the REASON for which you think you were created? If not, find your passion and let's turn your passion into money so that you can live an enriched life, while fulfilling your purpose.

My Name is Mushiya and I am from Congo. I am the Founder and Creative Director of The Damn Salon, Runway Curls & My Natural Doll. The Damn Salon is a high Fashion Natural Hair Salon for Hair that will cause horny husbands. Runway Curls is an all Natural Kinky Curly Hair Extension Line, created to accentuate and celebrate black beauty in women. My Natural Doll was created to build and instill self love and self esteem in our children by giving them a doll with a positive reflection of their own beauty. I am also the “Star” of WeTV’s hit Reality TV show - Cutting It In The ATL. I say “star” in quotations on purpose, because it really doesn’t mean shit…  until you make it mean something. I started doing hair at the very young age of 11 or 12, but I really never liked doing hair. It is not my passion. I am just damn good at it. What I love about hair and the industry is the accessibility  to transition women from being not so confident to feeling like they can conquer the world.  While many may know Mushiya as the Hair Stylist, I am not. I am a Life Stylist. But through doing hair I was able to identify my passion. I remember the day I discovered my purpose in life. My passion is building and changing women's lives and thus my purpose on this earth is to enlighten our community of our beauty, our strength and our power and thus enrich our community and ignite change in the whole world. Hair is just the vehicle by which I maneuver. TV is just my platform which I utilize to fulfill my purpose. And while I work hard, God Knows I work hard, I am happy. I am Happy because EVERYDAY, I passionately live my purpose.

So Step 1 to changing your life and making you happy is to Identify Your Passion. Now you must figure out how to Turn Your Passion Into Money, so you can live an enriched life while fulfilling your purpose.

Step 2: Turn Your Passion into Money

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  • Darlene Roberts

    Thanks so much for sharing your testimony! It very encouraging. My passion has always been fashion. My passion job is one day to become a personal fashion stylist.

  • Tanene

    Just reading your blog. Wanted to read more….

  • Taylor AVrett

    I totally agree with everything you wrote, however the struggle is real.

  • Lima

    Love your drive

  • Jay

    this is good stuff boss lady

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