This testimony touched my heart...

My name is Jackie and I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2003. Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory condition that produces small lump of cells within the organs of the body interfering with the function of the organ. Alopecia is due to sarcoidosis. About 5 years ago I started experiencing hair loss and and slow growth in the center of my scalp. When my hair started thinning, a hairdresser suggested different types of products, hairstyles, and ways to take care of my hair, but really I needed to see a medical doctor. After many visits to my physician and dermatologists office and several treatments with very little results of hair growth in sight, I have just come to terms with my hair loss. It has been sixteen months since I have stopped putting chemicals in my hair. I am glad I made the decision even though my scalp in some areas is permanently damaged. Although it is embarrassing and emotionally devastating , I have adjusted. All I can say is God is Good!! After months of searching for a hair salon that specialized in natural hair care. One Sunday morning as I was flipping through channels on the television, I came across a program of the guests on the show was a young lady with a salon in the area. That young lady was Mushiya from The Damn Salon. I quickly ran to get a pen and paper to write down the website. After visiting the website I knew this was the salon for me. When you walk into the salon you feel welcome and a part of a group of friends. A wonderful atmosphere, friendly and talented stylists they are truly a cut above the rest. Just really good people.... they listen to you, explain the care that they are providing while making your hair look fabulous. This is  THE BEST SALON hands down! They care not only about your hair but about the individual. An experience surpassing price! And you will look fantastic when you leave. So ladies trust me when I tell you, SO WHAT; if hair loss is disturbing, try THE DAMN SALON. You'll be absolutely amazed at how great you can look. I know this to be true first hand. I am wearing the micro city twist and I look Damn Good! I am a customer for life. Thank you ladies!

How did I create this look?

To create this look, I used City Afro (Bulk Hair). I used a technique I created called the bridge technique which is similar to the crochet technique way before that existed. As you can see, once we added the hair to hair head, you cannot even tell she ever had a bald spot just because of how natural the hair looks and how seamlessly  it blends with our own natural hair. I then proceeded to twist her hair and bam!.. She was ready to conquer the word and face them with a confident new self. In my next blog, I will show you how we conquered this situation below!

I always tell the world, I am not in this beauty and hair industry because I love doing hair... In fact...I ACTUALLY DON'T. What I do love is changing women's lives and Hair is a platform that allows me to build women and ignite change abundantly. First of all, lets make it clear that BEING BALD NEED NOT BE EMBARRASSING. Yes, sometimes it may take time to get used to it, especially when one goes bald by force and not by choice. But ladies, once you understand the power of self confidence, you will understand that beauty lies in your hands. Just WALK like you are the shit... like you are the best thing happening since sliced bread with ALL your flaws. And let me tell you, those flaws will soon start trending and become the next style! Try it, and watch God work. And watch life change. But if you feel that you need a little extra hair to get you through it, then why the hell not. 

We have affected so many women's lives with the styles we created at the damn salon as well as our Runway Curls Hair line. And for this, I am thankful to Jackie and to all you women who allow us the opportunity to change your lives.  Thank YOU. Now Shop again.

With Love - Mushiya




  • Yasmin

    I just want to say thank you Mushiya it’s really good to see how much your business is expanding after months of watching you on the Cutting it in the ATL and now seeing you pop up all over and I’m in uk. You have inspired me to to get back on my grind and work harder to be as good a business women as you. Like yourself I’m more about empower women to help them to build self-esteem and to encourage to look and feel better about themselves! I have put my talent of building my hairdressing business a side because of the struggle doing it alone and the fear of failure, but now I’m ready to make progress. Watching you and how you work has been really inspirational. Keep being a change maker and a blessing to others! May God continue to bless you.

    Warm regards Yazz xxx

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