The Doctor Said I had Male Pattern Baldness!!

Mushiya and Kanko,
I would like to begin by saying a few years ago I watched a show Cutting it in the ATL. I do not know how long it had been on, but it got me! After watching the very first episode that Mushiya was in, I knew that she was a woman to admire and pay attention to.
After only a few more shows I knew that if I ever considered a wig (never had even thought of wigs or extensions) ever, but when I saw her work and the quality of the product she was putting out there I felt this is a woman that knows her business and enjoyed what she was doing.
As it turns out, over the next few years I started loosing my hair. The doctor told me I had male pattern baldness, it happens! Yup! It happened to me! I was devastated, the doctor offered to put me on hormone replacement to keep what I had. Down side, side affects…cancer…. Uhm let me see keep the hair that I have and get cancer or go damn bald and no cancer….decisions decisions.
Tilting my head, I smiled and said Awe hell no! I will go ahead and choose bald!
After coming to that conclusion, I dealt with the gradual hair loss right along my hair line and decided to let it grow. It was a bit easier to hide the bald spots with longer hair. In the past I had always worn it short. I also stopped relaxing my hair, as I really started to enjoy my curls! As my hair grew longer it also became thinner, so much so that I knew I needed to look at other options….light bulb moment!
That Damn Salon!!!! Mushiya!
Once I made up my mind to explore wigs as an alternative, who else would I contact?!?
I went to her website Runway Girls and what I saw was an “ah ha” moment! Like WOW…pretty, really pretty wigs!!
In comes Kanko!!!!
Kanko made the shopping experience wonderful. She was quite patient with me as she answered ALL of my questions (not having ever having a wig before, never being up close and personal to a wig before), as you can imagine I had a plethora of questions!
Now, even when it came to the prices of the wigs, (you get what you pay for), Kanko never made me feel as though she was wasting her time speaking to me if at that moment I was not going to buy anything. She very politely told when I was ready she would be there to help me.
A month later I was back on the website and chatting with Kanko again, with questions of course! One of which was, “so, if I order a wig now may I pay half of it and then upon completion, I can pay off the balance?” And…do you want to hear to most genius of answers?!? Kanko said “we have a payment plan!” MUSIC to my hears!!!!
Ladies I ordered Dirty Girl right then and there!!!!
4 payments later wig was paid for and like this story could get any better, Kanko (the goddess), completes my order and checks to see if it can be shipped out the same day! Now, before you all blow up the website asking for Kanko, she made me no definitive promises it could be sent out, BUT she went that extra mile and checked if it could. Now that ladies is customer service! There aren’t too many Kankos’ around…and if there are they are diamonds in a sea of imitation glass!!
All that glitters is not gold, BUT Kanko and Runway Way Curls shine bright!!!!
Many thanks to you Mushiya and Kanko for making my very first wig purchase a most wonderful experience! I am a customer for life!!!!!
oh, ya, the wig was sent out the same day Friday and I had it on Monday!!!!! :



February 27, 2018

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